PC Power UPS 1KVA Online


High frequency and double conversion online echnology
Fully digitized microprocessor control
Wide input voltage range
UPS start up without battery
cold start
Advanced battery management
automatic battery charging in UPS off mode
Lightning and surge protection
short circuit and overload protection
Fan speed adjusted by load automatically
Network/fax/modem surge protection
Optional extension battery pack
Battery voltage display
Load capacity display
EMI/RFI noise filter
Input L and N reversed alarm function

PC power 1KVA 800 watt online UPS has true and double conversion design, high quality UPS adaptability, DSP design, high efficiency UPS energy saving, output power factor 0.8, wide AC input range 110-300VAC, automatic switching between 50/60Hz system, automatic boost / buck voltage regulation, supports AC generator, supports DC start-up, auto UPS restart.